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Kyle Mattingly

Music for a Better World 

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About Kyle

My parents bought a piano when I was 10 and I figured it couldn't hurt to play a little bit. I mean...why not? It could be cool to play with two hands at the same time, right!?!? Little did I know that music would shape my life and give me so many opportunities to create and share beauty.


I'vfound a career as a pianist, arranger, conductor, vocal coach, music director, and have been privileged to perform in countless venues working with talented orchestras, bands, and singers. Early on, I learned that good music is found in a wide variety of styles and I also found a place for that geeky side of me by creating a seamless blend of technology and musicality for many projects.

My wife and I recently moved to Colorado, outside of Denver, and I'm enjoying my time as a music educator and freelancer.  For a long time we lived in Orlando, FL so you'll find some pics and recordings of work I've done with Walt Disney World, as well as many other great companies and performers. ​In addition to performing, I love writing for everything from an a cappella group to a full orchestra. And if you're actually still reading this, you should know that while I love creating great music, the thing that really gets me excited is seeing people's lives made better through song. That mystical place where music interacts with the transcendent is where the real excitement is!

  • Full recording services and contracting

  • Sheet music creation and transcriptions 

  • Orchestrations, band, and vocal arrangements

  • Orchestral, synth and percussion programming

Arrangements & Originals

Music Production

  • ​Original songs 

  • Rehearsal piano recordings

  • Mainstage programming

Piano Covers

I love the challenge of writing and arranging for any project that comes my way and I work to find that creative spark that makes each project unique and special.  Services include:​

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